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Secret Maya Ladyboy Nicky in Panic

Living in a dream world sometimes end in a brutal Wake Up Event.
I know someone sooo hot and open when online and soooo secret
in real life. This secret maya katoey Nicky did never tell me her name and never revealed the place where she lived to me. We met 3 times within a period of 1 year. (!) In Bangkok, far from her southern small Thai town in Surat Thani province and only when she had good other reason to travel there. (to tell her family) (no, she was not a 15 year old teenager; add 20 years and you will get near to her age.) After months of chatting I knew her name and hometown even she never told or confirmed.
One day I was really angry with her because she had agreed to meet me again. All was arranged for a special day, mostly to meet her dreams. Because of some family concerns she did not turned up, switched off her iPhone and went back to her small town by train.
I decided to take the train one day later too…
I knew she would not like it when I go there.
The town is really small and I asked near the railway station and got the direction. Very near to the house I asked again .. her BROTHER. (I did not know that of course) So he brought me to her house. She was standing just close to the door. And panicked ! All she could say was NO NO.
By that time her parents reached too.
I am sure everybody knew before that the son is gay. From the way she talks, the way she walks…
Now everybody knows for sure, and that is generally no problem in Thailand. Except for the maya nicky ladyboy who lived her dream life on cam and chat at night and pretended to be the ‘son on duty’ during day time and when together with family or friends.
Here’s what happened. It is called PANIC.

panic when maya world and real world meet
When panic sets in, our brain functions differently—that’s why seemingly rational and intelligent people behave in a way that would make no sense under normal conditions.
When we panic, the blood flow activity shifts from the pre frontal cortex (front of the brain), where we rationalize and make decisions, to the middle brain (periaqueductal gray).
the brain reacts rather differnt in panic
That’s the area of the brain that gives us the “fight-or-flight” response.
Our thought process is rerouted from rational and logical thought to survival mode. In fact, during times of stress or panic, our brain uses all the resources of our body to react
to the threat: digestion stops or slows, heartbeat and breathing accelerate, and nutrients are burned for muscular action.
In a nutshell, our brain is doing everything it can to make sure we survive.
When we panic, thinking clearly is not a priority … it’s all about survival!
It doesn’t make any difference if it about REAL survival or also only a MAYA thing !
Panic is over and she is out now. But will she change ? Or is she too old for that change already ?
What do you think ? Leave your comment here.

What Guys like in Shemales & Ladyboys

All these are comments and opinions from men about shemales – I found on the web from different places –
interesting, that not one wanted a shemale without a cock ! I feel very much the same.
rocky horror picture show movie tim curry

i love the idea of a soft female body with a hard cock
soft breasts and lips with a steel appendage really turns me on

i wonder, would you consider having a shemale girlfriend in real life?
or would it be better just to dream of having sex with a tranny without actually intending to have one?

Being a bottom only I love the idea (and reality) of hold a great pair of tits whilst getting fucked

makes me so horny thinking about sucking shemale cock then having it pound me in the ass.

i love trannies cocks never looked better than they look on them i’d love having sex with a shemale i wish i could meet one for real.
thai maya ladyboy
First I like the embarrassment that is always there, when I feel under her skirt and she has her penis growing.
Second: I like it, that fucking her must be anal – I love that little struggle to get in, and causing her a little pain because of the size of my cock.
But most of all: the apologies in her wet eyes when I make her cum.
so: yes I like a feminine shyness in the ladyboys i did play with.

I love looking at a fine shemale with a big hard cock. It makes me want to put it in my mouth and ass. They are so HOT!!!!

maya ladyboy painted his nails beautifully

the thought of being with a soft, sexy girl with little something extra is about all i can think of!! what with the looks of a hot girl and the sex drive of a guy rolled into one,,,wow!!!

yes i would like to make love to a shemale the soft feel of woman and the surprise of feeling a large cock would just send me over the edge

I love the thought of a hard cock in my ass with big tits bobbing in my face. I have fucked one she male but she stank and was ugly. I had to do it anyway. Her cock tasted as if she had not bathed in days.
Her ass was so sweet. Her tits big and feeling good…
I was in a porn shop in Vegas and had to fuck her. Guys watched,
and beat their cocks.

I think a shemale with a medium cock would be perfect, that way I can take it all the way in my mouth and ass. Discovery would be the best feeling down her sexy panties running your fingers
across the throbbing veins on her cock and licking her tight ass.

They are beautiful women in every way and they exude power over the male sex by having a hard cock and the capability of making the male serve her with his mouth and any other part of his body and mind.
Shemales are the superior specia over and above both male and female.
I did not had the opportunity to meet love and lust with the shemale species and be with shemales here in NYC
I am very open and interested; however, the right opportunity has not come my way

I am a happily married man to a 100% real woman, but recently discovered my lust for trannies. I was always bi-curious until a couple of times I went to porno shops and
experimented with a little gloryhole cock sucking action. I realized how much fun it was to suck dick, the taste and texture is amazing, but I still love the curves of a woman’s body.
So I think that it is the combination, the “best-of-both-worlds” deal that turns me on about it…if only I was brave enough to tell my wife about this fantasy

Never did anything with a TS but would love to get head from one. Also, I love to see porn of a guy getting fucked by a shemale.

im young…but i love the fact that someone with the body of a woman can have the sex drive of a man…taking control and doing with me what she pleases…i love shemales

maya ladyboy excited

I am considered to be very straight. I don’t look at guys and think “Gee I’d like to suck his dick” or anything like that. I separated from my first wife about 5 years ago.
After separating I got on line and downloaded a hell of a lot of porn. I am talking hours of porn.
I saw this beautiful ass of a woman in a thumbnail, and thought I will download this. Downloaded the file and went to bed,
(bear in mind my connection was slow & it would take an hour to download). Next day I watched the movie. It started off with this hot latin chick in a G-String teasing some lucky dude.
They start kissing and he gropes her ass. He drops his pants and she sucks his cock & rims his ass. Then she does something I will never forget – she shoves a cock in his ass!!!.
I was completely fooled. That little ‘mistaken’ download has considerably changed my outlook in life.
I have since married and have kids with a very lovely woman. Do not want to change that picture – I love kids. But my fantasies are all about shemales.
I dream about winning lotto and owning an island full of shemales and some women. My shemale preferences vary a lot. I love asian shemales with small dicks & ebony shemales
with huge dicks. I mainly like my shemales curvy, but slinky little asian shemales are a turn on too.
I looked at bi – porn but really am not interested – I am almost addicted to downloading shemale porn. I love it.
I don’t think I could live forever with a shemale but I could have a short/medium term relationship.

Oh, i like my cock to go the fullest inside their ass and the blowjob they give. Wah its amazing, they suck with all their capability.
Well i had been curious about having sex with a Transvestite for awhile, after looking in the local paper at the personal ads there was one advertising,
so i got up the never and rang the number and arranged a meeting with her.
When i got to the address she opened the door, she was in her late thirties, and looked very much like a female, and when she spoke
there was not much of a hint of being a male. She showed me into a bedroom with just a single bed and some wardrobes in it, after i had stripped off she got onto the bed with me,
being a single bed there was not much room ( so lots of body touching )she opened her robe to reveal her body.
from the movie rocky horror picture show
She had about a size c cup breast, which felt great, she started off giving me a hand job, while she let me explore her body, hers was the first cock which i had touched.
As we spoke she seemed to know how i felt, like buying TS mags and having fantasies and stuff, which was good. When she went down on me she moved around so we were in a 69 position
so i could suck her as well. Her cock was around 4 or 5 in so it was a good size to start with.
After we had sucked each other for a while she asked if i would like to try anal, she got me to get on my hands and knees she put lube on her finger and slid it in,
she then put a condom on herself and slid her cock in. I was expecting a lot of pain but there was hardly any, once her cock was all the way
in it felt fantastic all the feelings were great. She rode me for quite while before cumming, she then got on her back and guided me into her arse.
As i slid into her she held me to her she was rubbing her cock on my belly while we were kissing. Once i had cum we laid on the bed cuddling and kissing each other.
So i have to say my first time with a real TS was just fantastic. Just wished i had gone back and seen her some more.

Phuket Gay Sauna Aquarious Test

1st of May, 2010 – Aquarious test
Test is over – I feel much better – but the result is clear.
I already wanted to live for many years sometimes in the Aquarious Guesthouse in the Paradise Complex of Phuket. Then one can use since also the Gay Sauna, this is included in the room price by 600 Baht in the Low season from 1st May. I came from Phuket Old Town by the blue bus for just 25 Baht here against 11.30 and wanted to explore after a small breather already the LOkalitaeten. Well, Phuket is just, nevertheless, a little small as Berlin and, therefore, the sauna opens about 15.30. End is after her website if the last has gone. Now, I was one of both last without knowing it. It was just 21.30 on Saturday to him 1st May, 2010. So at 17.00 o’clock is a very good time, there everything is curious and it arise simply and quickly gratifying contacts. Indeed, so against 19.00 it is substantially more full, but apparently because all employees of the sauna and the surrounding Gay Bars on the ways are lying round and tell, mostly without taking part anyhow in the Acrtion. Then this is a strange Athmosphaere without every lecherousness.
The Prtofis only want to know, come where from the Farangs and where live they, even more it does not happen there if one is not classified as ‘ fat fish ‘. A little later it looks better then again, because then the bell-boys who seem to stand for most different reasons often under pressure let themselves blow with pleasure in a corner or even under the shower substantially one.
For the first man of the test I laid out in the jacuzzi a stiff bait which he fished with his feet. He seemed to find fallen in this play, because he directed my feet now also to the bait, between his legs did not dangle separate like a buoy in the water was raised. In the end, we left the humid element and bolted to us in one of the meagerly illuminated small rooms. What functions quite seldom: we did it: we joked during our sex play: He told that he works with a Travel Agency, while he worked on my dick, ” OH, it must be Happily Cock Travels … ” I said. We crossed our Cocks and I hit playfully on his stiff part and announced:’This is a cock fight! ‘ He asked me sometime for it how many bell-boys I would have fucked. 10?
– “I did not count, I din’t know . If they ask me I do it most of the time . But I like my partners to enjoy .”
He said “I want to look when you fuck somebody !”. I believe, many Thais are quite voyristic by nature.
It turned out no chance for him during this day, in any case, not with me.
Then it happened peculiar. A Thai came out of one of these cabins where you can are able to regulate the light with a dimmer. Nobody followed him. Nevertheless… The door was open and a bleached Englishman with a hardon and a drink in his hand laid down there on a mattress. He looked a little like the only gay in the village from Little Britain, only not so fat; it could be only an Englishman. Because he wanted to experience quite obviously something else cool, I slowly went to him and started to blow his pole, however, left the door open. It was quite unusual that two Farangs played with each other, because he did not traveled for this to Thailand. It also lasted not more than three minutes, then a rather cute milk-chocolate brown type joined us and closed the door.
He was so hot that his best part stood almost vertically upwards. In any case, my lips were very eager to touch it. The Blondie watched enthuasticly, however, remained lying with his drink. I wanted to offer him a good show because he had been so nice and had not ordered me out of his cabin. Thus I turned the Thai in such a way that his front with the highly erected cock was near to him. Slowly I began to pull apart the buttocks of the Thai cutie and started to lick him. I could lick him in the ass and this tasted very well in this way. With Blondie the love to the Thaischwanz had defeated the love to the drink and he was ready for common enterprises…
There were only about 10% Farangs here on this 1st May, rather less. Actually, the Vietnamese whom I met first in the jacuzzi, was the only one in pants there, by the way. He did not undress even in the pool.
Another Asian, but no Thai, interrupted our underwater play and whispered to me ” micron FRIEND “, before he hastened back to his European friend with gray shock of hair.
I whispered “You are a good friend” to him later in passing by. I follow the Thai rules quite well and, therefore, have considered that I would now simply surrender to Buddhas and Ganeshas will.
The test has still fallen out to Naams favour. Oh you have not found out the conditions at all?
Today in the Aquarious Sauna I had some good hook ups, there is no other way to say it. And the test was simply whether all this is sufficient to let me forget the night with Naam. Then everything could go on as before and the tears well have been to the cleaning of the eyes only. O Naam, the test has gone out in your favour and I will adjust my life to that; to live some time of the year in Thailand and the remaining time with Vinayak, my dear old friend from Goa. I strongly assume, for most Thais that is no problem. Only the Farangs create the little problems. Sabai Sabai.
I will simply let everything happen. From Sue I have got one mail. Why I have cleared out so suddenly without Good Bye. I have explained it to him and also added the whole story which I had written yesterday.
His German is surely not good enough to understand all of it. But he will realize it is because of Naam.
Now I must wait how Naam reacts. Let it happen. Let it be. It’s all in the Magic Book!

Dreaming of the boy waering lavender lipstick and eye shadow

Our families and society in various subtle and explicit ways have taught us that who we are as gay men is not okay. We often start out in life as “good little boys” who love our daddies and families but who, through countless injuries, both physical and emotional, learn to hide away the gentle, sensitive parts of ourselves in favor of the rough, masculine parts,
wrapping yet another type of armor around the tender, wounded child locked away within.
the boy who wears lavender lipstick and eye shadow
I believe it is important to realize that true pride begins with accepting and loving all of who we are as gay men. It is fine to say I’m not into boys wearing lipstick, to proclaim that gay men can be as rough and masculine as any straight men and even more so, to allow that I’m most powerfully physically attracted to men who look like hunky terrorists—yet, until I can embrace and love the gentle, sweet boy that I am in addition to all that, I have not yet taken the first and most important step toward opening myself fully to love and to the experience of full pride in being gay.
soft and tender boy  would he wear lipstick ?
The punishment for not kissing the boy wearing lavender lipstick and eye shadow, for not embracing the slim, sensitive boy within who wants and needs love no matter his age, is the empty loneliness of life lived without pride in oneself.

o, in my dream this morning, when I turned to the boy wearing lavender lipstick and eye shadow, the wounded gay boy within me recoiled. How could I love such a boy-man when my own Daddy could not unconditionally love the slim, gentle gay boy I had been? He had explained that his parents had always loved and accepted him exactly as he was. He showed me his body, opening his shirt, and I saw—as if seeing a mystic diagram—that his family home was somehow built upon his body. I understood that he had been in an important sense a foundation for his whole family. I wondered at this, and I admired and envied him. And then I awoke.
2 Asian Boys
And now, for me to kiss the boy-man wearing lavender lipstick and eye shadow would be to love and accept fully the little boy I was and still am at some deep, hidden level. It seems so easy yet so difficult, too.

Every time I have dreams of that kind I remember the Maya Ladyboy I know best.
You can read the Story HERE

A Long Thai Story Short. Learn from It.

Lets Make a Long Story Short

My gay cousin married a farang in Europe and later they opened a bar in Pattaya
The cousin runs the bar while the farang stays and works in Ireland.
Sweet Thai Num Boy
So he hires some members of the family to work in the bar and small restaurant.

My relative works there too and she is a feisty beautiful girl only 19 years old.
In the last 6 months she has had 3 “boyfriends”, all farangs. Every one threw money at her. She never asked for a dime.
Those guys would stay for a few weeks then go back home and start sending her money and later get mad if she didn’t answer phone calls or talk to them.
What fucking idiots they are.
My niece calls them stupid and has no respect at all for them.
Young Thai Boxer
The latest genius is about 40. He went to Isaan to visit her family. The first thing the idiot did was start throwing money around to parents and aunts. No one had asked him for anything.
I asked my relative if she get married soon.
She just laughed and said NO, this man (is) too stupid, giving his money away. I (am) afraid it all gone soon, he (is) not too smart..
Want a Thai BF like him ?
I never gave my thai boyfriend any money. I paid for everything when were together but I never bought him expensive presents like so many farangs think they have to do.
He is older much more near my age.

STOP throwing money at young thai girls and boys and maybe you might find a Good Girl / Boy.
MY relative used to be a good girl but those stupid Farangs giving her money for no reason have corrupted her.

Believe me, YOU stupid old farts, no young girl is going to marry you for love.
That is why so many of you are bitter and feel cheated because you spent your pension on buying a young girls pussy instead of trying to win her heart.
And when she leaves for greener pastures she is a slimy whore, well butt munch: you made her that.

Want to read a True Gay Thai Farang Love Story, mainly in Hot Chats ? FIND IT HERE

Many Boys and Shemales live in a Dream or Cyberworld

Are You One of Them ? Do you know one or more of them ?

Have you ever met your dreamboy from cam4 or geilboy Video Chat in real ?

To illustrate what I mean I am writing in my first artcle about living in a cyber world and about the famous Thai cam star (really?) mayan*cky. And about Thailand and Thai Farang relationships.

thai boy sweet



You can find beautiful  youngThai boys anywhere; On the road, in the 7 -11, the disco,

the karaoke hangout…


Thai Maya Boy Fact or Fiction ?





If my stories help you to understand your Thai boyfriend better and help to come out of the closet I would be more than glad.
These are my experiences. You may have totally different stories. Why not share them with us here ?